Note-taking goes digital with these reusable and resourceful Fusion notebooks

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I’m actually intrigued by this, but I worry that it may be problematic for left handers like me since the ink won’t dry right away.

Wait, I write or draw something, and then I take a picture of it with my smartphone, and it’s digital?
What will they think of next?


Does the rocket book app do anything other than store a picture of what you just wrote on the page? Couldn’t you accomplish the same thing with a white board pen And a sheet protector?

Blah-blah-blah page texture, yeah-yeah but if the app doesn’t provide some sort of value-add like handwriting recognition then why not use any of the dozens of scan/handwriting apps to store stuff.

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It does exactly that - text recognition/ocr. I have one - I haven’t found a way to fit it into my workflow yet, but it does work pretty well.

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Thanks… IMHO, Their marketing needs some work. I tried to find a description of what the app did but gave up after a few minutes.

I was thinking the pen or paper or binder automagically created an electronic version of your doodles. The need to take a picture of the page just seems too clunky to me.

Even if their app does OCR, I’m not sure how much better it would be for me than taking a picture and having Google photos OCR feature work on it.

And that is where it all falls down. Again.
(I’ve tried a couple of things over the last 25? 30? years or so, and this was always why the magic solution of the month sort of faded away once the novelty wore off.)

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