These green-paged memo notebooks are perfect

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Doesn’t look very green in that photo. Did you white-balance over-correct?

@frauenfelder not sure if the BB shop still sells Rocketbook Everlast in Executive size, but very highly recommended and easy to find. The ink cartridges are the same size as Pilot G2, allowing for fancy pen bodies, the infinitely* reusable pages erase with a spritz of water, and the app allows destination scanning based on marks on the page. I haven’t had to buy a notebook in two years (except that I got a Mini b/c I like the platform so much).

*(well, very, very, very extremely long time)

Bleedthrough or feathering with liquid inks? (anywhere on the Pilot V5 to fountain pen spectrum)

“Perfect” is a pretty high bar. We need more details!

Ahhh… I have been looking for these for a looong time. Will need to pick up a nice fountain pen and pick up where I left off!

I have had good luck using Staples brand yellow legal pads with Pilot blue-black and Waterman Serenity Blue. Also, of course, the CVS Caliber brand, in both spiral and stitched types. This is with fine and medium nibs in a Pilot Metropolitan and Kakuno pens.

I’m on the hunt for casebound notebooks with hard covers that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’d welcome recommendations!

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