Doane Paper: Grids + Lines for note taking with a fountain pen

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Why is is so hard to find notebooks in a good note taking size with a proper spiral binding? Those double faux -spiral binding ones tear apart, and the ones that are perfect bound or staple bound don’t open flat.


I like the Maruman, and I think some of my Rhodia perfect bound have extra folds to make them go flat but only really in the middle pages, not the ends of the book… but yes.

Thank you. I feel vindicated!

Can we get that with a grid I can use, like 5 instead of 3.

Wow, the uni shift pipe lock in red. The most unusual version I got is the white one. The red one is so expensive now (used on eBay).

This paper is supposedly the same 90gsm weight as the Clairefontaine paper that gets used in most Rhodia products. Which means that yeah, they should be really good for fountain pen users; shouldn’t get much bleed-through at all…

Online reviews have suggested that it does have an issue with feathering, if your fountain pen lays down a lot of ink, as many do. This probably isn’t surprising, what with Jason’s comment about it absorbing ink quickly. (Fountain pen ink on Clairefontaine paper, by contrast, typically dries quite slowly, as the ink mostly dries on the surface instead of being absorbed deeply into the page’s fibers, which keeps the edges of the writing sharp, but dramatically increases drying time).

If you have a drier-writing pen or a very fine nib, it’s likely to be perfectly usable, and the quick drying might even be welcome. And even if not, with the weight of the paper, I’d be surprised if writing feathered even remotely as badly as moleskines do.

This paper brand mostly isn’t available outside the USA. So sadly, folks like myself are unlikely to get to try it ourselves. Oh well. :slight_smile:

This is the one I’ve used for years for my yoga notes:

They aren’t perfect but they are as close as I can find to my ideal.

What’s sad is they have some cute stuff but this is the ONLY one with a true spiral binding. I’d really love a cute cover.

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I’m using one of these right now.

(Don’t get that exactly one until the price comes back down to the normal $14.95 though. Jeez.)

It doesn’t bleed even with my really wet pens but since it’s not spiral bound I always end up leaving my pen in it while the ink dries. Or using sticky pads if I have to write around a lot. They encourage you to write around by numbering all the pages and giving an index.

They’ve included all sorts of features like a spine sticker so you can write a title on it, a receipt pocket like on the moleskines (except with a stiff fabric for the web), and two bookmarks with a pattern on one so you can tell which one is which.

The sticky pad thing is to be expected but we’ll see how I feel about the notebook once I’ve filled it up.

I like fine nibs on my fountain pens. I have my fathers old pens, which retired when he did, and they are all very flexy mediums. I love how his pens look but don’t write with them often.

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