Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks remain my favorite for writing in ink

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How do Leuchtterm1917 notebooks compare with the Maruman?
Leuchtterm1917 paper is archival, wonderful for writing with ink, and the notebooks are available in hard cover.

One difference is that Maruman Mnemosyne are spiral bound, for fold back and lay flat.


Japanese papers are made with consideration to use of liquid ink (cf. gel). After I no longer had local access to stationary supplies, I found JetPens to be a great resource.

The quality of Moleskine notebooks dropped dramatically once they shifted production to China. I found Rhodia to be my good all rounder for years. I still like their books, but I found Traveler’s Company better suited to how I work now.


That’s a nice find. I didn’t know them. For those curious, here’s their details.

I like the pagination feature, the table of contents feature, and the preferated page feature . They look like a higher end brother to a Moleskine.

I have a Sailor Sapporo model with a Naginata Cross nib I picked up when I was living in Sapporo about 12 years ago, I use Sailor ink. I’ve found Moleskine accepts the ink well, but it bleeds a little, not much though.

Best paper I’ve found for writing has been cotton 30lb resume paper from Southworth. I’d love to find something that holds sharp lines without bleeding with a fountain pen.

If you’ve never taken notes with one, its really a pleasure to write with them, especially Salior Naginata series nibs. Hyper smooth, effortless compared to even a good ballpoint.

It’s nice to see there are other people that care about these things.

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I’ll have to try one out! I’m using a Rhodia with my Franklin-Christoph (Masuyama nib) right now. The paper is great, but all those features in the Leuchtterm sound awesome!

Leuchtterm paper is rougher - and will show through and bleed through faster - but only with a real gusher of a pen.

Maruman Mnmosyne paper is almost gloss smooth - almost like Clairfontaine but I’ve found the Maruman to have the best ability to hold a wet pen without bleed/showthrough. Maruman is also oddly fairly cost effective as a normal notebook. The 195 (that’s the product number - each notebook has a 3 digit code that determines size and oriantation) is roughly perfect for everyday note taking - and the pages are perforated if you need to remove one.

I use a Leuchtterm for journaling - because I like the hardcover and format - but for my work notes I stay with the Maruman series.

Rhodia - for what it’s worth - is actually Clairfontaine paper - so if you like them you can usually save money if you just buy Clairfontaine books.

These both look like excellent notebooks, I’d love to try both.

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Oh, God, I love these things. I use the M7 memo-sized ones, which are the perfect size to carry around in your back pocket.

Mnemosyne doesn’t bleed or feather, Leuchtterm is good but not as good, Rhodia is not good.

I currently write with a Parker DuoFold International in Medium (Heart of Darkness/Noodlers), two Levenger L-Tech 2.0 in Fine (Pilot Salior inks) and a TWBSI in Fine (Red/Black Noodlers).

I prefer the medium nib these days as most of my correspondence is on Lohkta paper. My drafts and notes are on the Maruman,

I am intending to fill something with Noodler’s blue if it arrives today.

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