Panic averted! Two empty Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks have arrived

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A dot-grid option would be nice.

So, you’re writing letters, eh? Do the people you write to write back?

I do not intend for them to write back. I’d scare me.

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Oh I see. You’re writing to prisoners. I’ve heard about people like you…

I typically write laments from the road, regaling friends with #vanlife mishaps. I have had my share.

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I use the 195 for keeping notes at work - good stationary would have saved handwriting in this country.


I love these notebooks! First read about them here on BB, cant imagine ordering anything else. Thanks for the heads up!

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Nice! I’m currently enjoying a Kokuyo SoftRing notebook in B5 (approx. 10in x 7in). It has a soft-touch, flexible plastic closed-ring binding:

And since I couldn’t find the B5 notebook-with-a-pocket of my dreams, I bought a small pocket at the same Kinokuniya and rubber-cemented it into the inside cover:



I am tempted by B5 but when motorcycling I find the 182 fits in the small of my back well and doesn’t abandon me/jump out of my pants.


Stop ordering this kind of thing from Amazon. There are many smaller businesses that specialize in just this sort of thing and they ship much more quickly! My favorite for Japanese stationery products (pens, pencils, notebooks… you name it!) is They’re based in California and import AMAAAAAZING stuff. Stop feeding the dysfunctional Amazon ecosystem (quite so much) and give JetPens a try!

Maruman Mnemosyne books:


But does yours have a sweet ass Hot Ones sticker on the cover?


Support JetPens! I don’t think we’d see so many other online markets for these types of things without JetPens. They really popularized this. I have ordered stuff from them since they first opened (although I swear it was earlier than the 2005 listed on their site). For the longest time if you didn’t have a Kinokuniya or other exceptionally rare store in your nearby huge metropolitan area you were out of luck for the best stationery type products Japan has to offer.

on topic: Mnemosyne quality is very nice and the fact their spiralbound books are mostly all landscape oriented is different-is-cool cool. Nice medium between thicker heaver Rhodia/Clairefontaine which takes ink a little better I think and thinner Tomoe River paper that is like bible/encyclopedia thin (but still magically takes ink well) which would get damaged pretty easily in a book like this.

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Many years ago I got into the habit of carrying a pen and paper everywhere, then several years ago I got into the habit of carrying a small Moleskine notebooks. I find them ideal - they’re small enough to fit in a pocket, so I have it at all times without having to carry anything, and it also means they’re instantly accessible. There’s blank, gridded, and ruled - I kinda prefer the gridded, but have happily used them all.

Yhere’s about 20 or 30 old used ones in a stack in storage now, plus several more patiently waiting to be used.

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