Moleskine's new studio collection offers the same great notebooks with gorgeous new covers

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“Same great notebooks”? No. Moleskines are well-known for their substandard paper that feathers with fountain pen ink. For the same price there are much better options like Rhodia, Miquelrius, Leuchtturm, and so on. The price is also inflated for made in China stationery that misleadingly markets itself as a heritage French or Italian product.


Came here to rant about paper quality control, leaving satisfied and smug.


I like Moleskines. I guess I’m not hip enough.

They’re perfectly fine for ballpoint and gel pens, but we fountain pen users are touchy about quality, since cheaper paper takes ink so badly. Moleskines used to be notorious for using different papers in different sizes of the same notebook, so it really was a gamble when shopping. “Well, the A5 size is fine, but how’s the A6? And what about the hard cover vs. soft?”

Personally choose Rhodia over everything else: the paper is 100% consistent and smooth as glass. Never have to play notebook roulette.


Makes sense. I used to be a fountain pen enthusiast but these days my note taking has become far more pedestrian.

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Meanwhile, I’m slowly turning my kids into paper and pen snobs like me. :joy: One with sensory issues is blown away by the smoothness of a FP, and the diameter is easier to hold than a skinny ballpoint.

Really I just want to teach them what gifts to buy for me.


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