Pocket notebooks bound in wood


Bonus: You get to feel like a character in a Wes Anderson movie when you carry these around.

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I got mine in the mail yesterday. They are simply beautiful and each one is unique.

Um, they’re wood, Rob. A little sandpaper will make them unbranded, and there’s no extra fee. :wink:


So, these will make you more wooden then the book you’re carrying?

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I was getting a Wes Anderson vibe from these as well.

Field Notes is nothing but an exercise in branding. Moleskin makes a better product, for example the 3 staples in the bindings of the pictured note books where Moleskin has stitching instead. FN employs great creative people and I loved their ‘Country Fair’ editions, but once I saw the construction I was disappointed.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. The branding adds nothing to the notebook, only to the brand.

Or maybe it adds hipster creed, but I won’t claim to understand how artisanal fixie cupcake npm.

I CAN make these, unbranded.
And I SHALL charge double. THANKS, ROB!

From the pictures it looks like simple paint. So yea, some sand paper or paint remover or other paint removal methods.

But sure! The capitalist in me would charge you double for that easy work =)

Also: RHODIA for the win. More durable and cheaper than Moleskine.

Only downside: some people hate “slippery” paper.

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Actually, I know this is just an exercise in xkcdesque social group fractals, but… If you look into the meticulous documentation of fountain pen enthusiasts, you’ll find a general consensus that Moleskine (even the cahiers) is a mediocre product sold at ridiculous prices on hipster branding alone. Field Notes isn’t particularly loved or hated, I believe; the price excuses a lot… But if you’ve ever handled Clairefontaine or Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, you’ll be able to tell the difference between that tier and Moleskine at once. Ink doesn’t bleed, writing doesn’t show through, and generally things are sunshine and daisies. (oh, haineux mentioned Rhodia; another excellent form option for Clairefontaine made paper)

It might depend on the criteria you are judging the product on. Paper surface quality for fountain pen writing is basically on the bottom of my list. Durability of construction is #1 as they ride in my work and non-work pants as EDC items and are used in all sorts of weather (I am outdoors a lot). Next on the list is useful and well thought out, my current notebook has graph and lined pages, with about 5% of the pages in back being micro perfed and a pocket on the back cover. Having used both FN and Moleskin, my experience is Moleskin is a much better product. I appreciate the pointers from you and haineux to other products which I will check out.

Edit: Of the 3 manufacturers you mentioned, the Leuchtturm1917 Jottbook looks like the closest to the form and function of the notebooks under discussion. Hopefully I can find some around where I live to try out.

Came here for this. Another satisfied customer Stefan.

Anyone in Chicago willing to pick a set up and send it to me for less than an incredible-seeming $7?

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