Lovely quad ruled paper in a notebook

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LOL, $15, great April Fools

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This one is bigger, and less lovely.

Uniball apparently discontinued the .18mm Signo Bit which is a damn shame. It would be perfect for writing novels in those blocks.

These threads are awesome. I’ve pulled my fave Pelikan from early retirement for one last mission. :slight_smile: But I’m partial to unruled linen paper so I can draft correspondence for my colleagues in 1874.

I suspect you and I aren’t the only soles who have crafted their own paper for correspondence.

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I only “tie my own flies” by writing the letters. I’m too uncrafty to manage more than admiration and curiosity for making paper.

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I’m like a child. It’s always, “why”. So yeah growing trees to make into pulp to skim on perforated metal (that you mine, smelt, and form) so you can write, " hey, wassup" is totes my wheelhouse.

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That sounds wonderful and so interesting. I like to tell myself I could too if the lovely curse that runs three generations in my family had not steered me to indebted social workiness.

I’ve used these the last couple of years for meeting and task notes. (grid paper is my only hope for proper indenting) They’re lovely for a couple of months of heavy handling and then the cover starts to curl. Switched to the cardboard Maruman grid spiral, and found it much better for my purposes.

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After the ink was flowing again and a new bottle of ink I arrived, I used my Pelikan to write all of my outline notes for eight hours of course material and another legal pad-intensive project.

Then I basically retyped all of it into Libreoffice.

So please do an intervention. :pen_fountain:

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Perhaps its just me but did anyone else think of Lovely Feyd notebook paper when they saw this headline?

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