64-meter fatberg lurks beneath English seaside resort


Heh. Sore point. Yes, waste water is treated, but if the system overflows, perhaps due to heavy rain, undertreated water can be released straight into the sea.

Of course, if an obstruction reduces capacity, that’s going to happen more frequently…


But I wanted a flying toilet to be like this, but with wings.


Why must the world always disappoint me?


I am also confused every time I hear about those things.

The British, namely Sir John Harington, invented the flushing toilet. Maybe they just have stopped evolving their wastewater disposal system?

I bet they could improve on this…


Could this be why Mama said never to privatize your utilities?


The EU ? Bloody bastards, how dare they reducing the size of those glorious fatbergs ???


Even if the grand Victorian schemes were designed for the volume of waste from a modern city, they weren’t really designed for the nature of that waste.

There’s no excuse for the big seaside resorts to have poor-quality wastewater treatment - Blackpool or Brighton are cities by the sea. However, so many people now want quaint little fishing villages or secluded bays, bringing tens of thousands of people into tiny, remote communities with waste systems designed for tens of people.

Sidmouth’s a fairly big town by those standards - I’m thinking more of the villages/beaches further to the west in Devon and Cornwall. And the latter county has a particularly high level of rural poverty - there isn’t a lot of money around for redevelopment.


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