64-meter fatberg lurks beneath English seaside resort


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/09/64-meter-fatberg-lurks-beneath.html



“No, I said we struck a fatberg and the ship is stinking.”


Could this be why Mama said to never pour the bacon grease down the sink?


I assume the breathing apparatus includes a vomit suction hose.


It seems like we are going to need to improve our fatburg removal technology if these stories keep popping up. Some sort of high pressure steam system or something.


I was hoping it was the village at which they filmed The Prisoner.


That is Portmerion in Wales, which is on my to visit list.


That and, you should really be saving it to cook with. It’s amazing.


A new theory about Rover?


Oh god now I have an image of that fatberg rolling over someone’s face.


someday in the future sentient cockroaches will buy and sell these human ambergris for large sums.


“The BBC points out that it is exactly as disgusting as you think.” Thanks BBC, I can imagine that all by myself this time around.


I think it’s a tribute the extinct human species deserves.



In underdeveloped countries, you can’t even flush toilet paper. Still, I can’t fathom flushing half the items some people think are okay to dispose of.


I last saw it in a music video


It could be worse.


The actual test for toilets for luxury yachts was whether they could flush a pair of pantyhose.


Wait… is the UK using wastewater treatment plants ? Are they just dumping al their sewer in the sea ???


Traditionally, a lot of fairly raw sewage went straight in the sea. The EU was mostly responsible for getting us to stop doing that, although in a lot of places storms and heavy rain can overload outdated services.