7-pack of disposable fountain pens in assorted colors for $12

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I bought a set of those a while ago.

They were AWFUL.

The ink was watery and bled. The colors were not very good. Supposedly you can refill them if you take them apart. You are better off spending the money and getting a Lamy or other actual fountain pen.

I used the Pilot disposable fountain pens for over a decade, until the case I bought ran out. They were fantastic. But I agree with alan_olsen that the quality has gone down dramatically in recent years.

My suggestion these days is for the Pilot Kakuno, a cheap (around $12) cartridge based plastic fountain pen from Japan. Apparently it is meant as the first fountain pen for students, and it comes in a variety of colors. I have several, and they are great pens to carry around without worry.

Fountain pen? We used to make our own out of goose quills.


it seems that the trend GoGreen and the word EcoFriendly are not well known at your place…
avoid disposable stuff, ANY!

You can indeed refill them. The nib is inserted with a labyrinth seal of several rubber rings, held in by friction. Pull the nib back gently with some pliers and it will come out, getting ink EVERYWHERE. Don’t bother cleaning up yet, because putting more ink in and re-inserting the nib is going to be almost as messy. I used these a lot in college when I was on a budget but wanted to write with a fountain pen.

It is the only reason I saved mine. Not as big of a rush since I have a very usable Lamy Safari that I use every day.

That’s MrsTobinL’s go to pen. They are very nice and not that expensive either.

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Ditto on the Lamy. And fill it with Waterman ink. I tried many varieties of Noodler’s and they all bled terribly, until I saw some old hands using Waterman. No more bleeding.

And for grownups, if you’re careful you can get a killer deal on antique Parker Vacuumatics on eBay. I have one Lamy and two Parkers.

The Pilot Varsity may not be as good a pen as it was, but I’m going to keep using them.

That’s the pen that may have saved my marriage. Unlike the $100+ lovely pens with lovely nibs that, sooner or later, leave a 3 inch ink stain on the pocket of an expensive dress shirt.


Fifthing or sixthing the Lamy. Have this same one. Got pretty turquoise ink for it too.

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Oh, you don’t mix your own colors?

I like the Levenger colors, and I used to make a gorgeous black-blue with them.

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