7-pack of disposable fountain pens in assorted colors for $12

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Yay fountain pens. I recently dipped my toe into that world with the Pilot Preppy which is a step up from those and uses cartridges but is under $5. I am liking it very much.

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Disposable means cheap? Or non-refillable?


Single use plastic is kinda the enemy, a few bucks more will get you a refillable one


Non refillable and ink tends to go a lot quicker in a fountain pen. So yes if you are wanting some reuse there are better options out there that are really not that much more expensive. Or a whole lot more expensive if you are feeling spendy.

That said these are a nice option to see if you really like them over ballpoint or gel pens.

ETA : These are also easy to dump in the the recycle bin vs. the trash if that is an option where you live so one use yes but not awful depending.

Did Zaphod stumble on a new planet?


Yay, Earth Day!


I’ve had a set of these pens for six months now, and they are trivial to clean and refill with just a pair of pliers and an eyedropper. Just add your favorite ink.


I bought a set of those a few years ago. The ink was watery and useless. Unusable for any real writing.

Please could you favour reusable and refillable products? And, even better, those not made of plastic!

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Until you have to throw away an expensive shirt or jumper into which a refillable fountain pen has relieved itself.

Nothing to stop that happening with a disposable


And why would it do that?

Everyone used fountain pens at my school from grades 2 to 8, and I don’t remember any ruined shirts. The shirts wouldn’t have been expensive, but we’re talking about 20+ kids using the things in parallel.

Fountain pens are standard for school kids in Austria, so the market for refill cartridges is well-developed. A disposable fountain pen, however, is an entirely new concept for me.

That’s how it was done when my grandmother was young. Minus the pliers.

I’m currently using a €30 Faber-Castell; and it is more fun to write with than any €5 fountain pen I’ve had. Twice the fun for six times the price.
And I guess, if I were to cough up €500 for a “Graf von Faber-Castell” fountain pen, I could improve my experience by at least another 10%. But then, they also offer a pencil for €190.

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Pilot metropolitan is a great step up.

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The wife has a collection of Lamy Safari’s and Pilot Metropolitans and a few others. I picked up the Preppy after using her .5 one for a few days and I wanted a thinner line so I got myself a .3. It really is a nice pen for under $5, it writes well and is cheap enough if I lose it then no big deal.

I recently got a not sure what brand at Daiso for $1.50 it isn’t as nice but fair enough for the price.

I am not quite ready to spend on fancier pens yet but I have drooled over a few.

Dunno about the colored ink, but I use the black one. As a lefty who drags his hand across freshly completed text, this is one of the few pens (of any type) that dries fast enough to not smear.

I’m sure that I could find some refillable ink that fits the bill, but I write so seldomly that it’s not really worth the investigation. I get like a year out of each disposable pen.

I generally agree about disposable plastic, but this doesn’t really qualify as single use at least.

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