70,000 march in Budapest to protest legislative attack on Central European University

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/10/viktor-orban-vs-hungary.html


Raise the rag!


This is some crazy-ass bullshit. The law says the university can’t enroll any new students in Hungary unless they open a campus in the US. There is also a weird requirement that they negotiate some kind of agreement with the US government. The reporting has been pretty vague as to what the agreement is supposed to be about though.

Its kind of funny that this is a case of anti-Soros conspiracy mongering where Soros really is directly involved since his money pays for much of the university. But he’s Hungarian, maybe the single most successful Hungarian alive, so its not much of a ‘conspiracy’ that he’d do something like found a major university for his home country. Kinda like imagining that Carnegie-Mellon University was a conspiracy.


Some serious shit may have just hit the fan. Protests going on again, thousands marching in the streets right now after the President signed the bill.


As long as the University deals in facts and critical thinking, it is a clear conspiracy against conservative values.


Avast not, me hearties!

Wild. A buddy of mine just finished his masters there last year, I’ll have to hit him up and see what he thinks.

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