8-bit personal computer trump cards

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So these are from the UK? The Acorn and Sinclair give it away. The Dragon rather
than the Radio Shack Color Computer. I’m surprised there’s no UK101, which derived
from the US Ohio Scientific Superboard.

The selection is odd. How many had a Mac II? Yet no sign of the Lisa or
Apple III, so it can’t be based on “groundbreaking”.

But it does include the Jupiter Ace, a computer that resembled the Sinclair
ZX-81, physically and internally, but had FORTH in ROM.

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Still have it in my parents’ loft, still works, AFAIK.

Did somebody say “Trump?”

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I foresee heated debate (or abject confusion) when a round is based on the CPU type.

Trump cards.


Joker? Nah, The Hanged Man is a much better fit.*

*) after the revolution. hopefully soon.

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