CPU Wars 2.0: expanded top trumps with processors




The object of the game is not at all clear - but it reminds me a little of this:


From back when we thought “cyberspace” would be an actual space.


There ought to be some sort of “geek cred” factor. Being able so say you ran a DEC Alpha is way cooler than running j.random Intel Xeon, imho (regardless of the technical capability of the chips)


How would a 80186 rate? What about those PIC microcontrollers from the age before Flash, with a window over the chip?


Man I loved Steve Jackson Games as a kid. One of my favorite memories as a little boy was during a visit to my grandparents in Austin I convinced them to take me to visit the SJG offices.


Before Flash? How about a PDP-8… from the age before monitors?


You beat me.
I only played a text game on such thing, when I was a kid, at mom’s workplace. A fanfold-paper fed teletype, you sent a command in and the printer rattled back results.
…and now I feel old. Thank you.


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