9/11 defendant sodomized at CIA 'black site' still suffers injuries, lawyer says


Fuck! How is this not a crime against humanity. Just when you thought the US Military could sink no lower…


It absolutely IS a crime against humanity. That does NOT mean any of the perpetrators will ever face justice.


Hmm. It he is indeed convicted, and sentenced to death, does anything that the State did to him prior to his execution count as a crime? “Uhm, we were going to kill him anyway, so no harm, no foul, right?”

If he is acquitted, he’ll drop into the black hole of, “not guilty, but too dangerous to release.” Because if released, he’ll radicalize his countrymen.

I also wonder in this case, whether the agencies mightn’t get away with jury tampering. “Vote ‘guilty’, or join him! And say one word to anyone about this, and you join him, because that’s espionage!”


I thought Obama recently said something about sexual assault being bad and needing to be taken seriously by law enforcement?

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It’s possible that I found this TED talk through this site, so it may be old news to many of you. But if you have 20 minutes to watch this, the guy who ran the Stanford Prison Experiment had some fascinating insights into what likely went on at these black sites. The take-away is that it wouldn’t take a heck of a lot for any one of us to commit atrocities. I like to think he’s wrong…

In this case, it is being taken seriously by law enforcement. As a tool.

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Torture is more than a method for coercing confessions, false confessions. The current torture narrative, part of the cover story for the official post-9/11 (inside job) “war on terror” (WOT), excuse these horrific methods by maintaining they are necessary to fight terrorism; but are, in fact, used by the global oligarchy, to create cadres of compliant robots used to expropriate the wealth of the world, while subordinating it to a gargantuan police state gulag. All by terror.

“Why they torture” is basic to understanding the nature of the relationship between the Deep State oligarchy acting behind the scenes in the WOT, and the “al Qaeda”, FSA, ISIS proxy armies that have been demonstrated repeatedly to have been created and supported by the Deep State, used to prosecute a never ending war against the nation-states of the world.

Torture, viewed from the ancient occult tradition, at war against the ecclesiastical institutions of the world, used by occult secret societies since antiquity for mind control, now updated scientifically by people like Josef Mengele and the NaZis in the concentration camps, and others like Ewan Cameron at Tavistock, is a method of control over human beings by using extreme coercion, including sexual abuse. Coercive methods that break humans psychologically, splintering their minds, creating “alter” personalities that can be triggered by “handlers”, to unconsciously perform for their "handlers. Do things that human beings would not ordinarily do own of their own accord, if it weren’t for the extreme psychological pressure (training) they had endured under torture.

The psychological label used to refer to these “Manchurian Candidates” is Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), but now reclassified as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). “Alters” are conditioned (tortured) to fulfill roles as assassins, sex slaves, couriers, etc…

In places like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Camp Bucca, the black sites, torture candidates are evaluated by psychologists working for the DOD and western intelligence agencies to determine which will make good troops for these Islam-o-fascist proxy armies, those that could kill without hesitation, and those not suitable, that would need to be culled from the group. As releasing detainees could be problematic, like Mengele did in the death camps, these “useless eaters” would be eliminated.

Once trained as killers via torture, these cadres of Islam-o-fascist troops, steeped in the occult practices, would be unleashed on unsuspecting populaces, killing any and all who offer resistance, using crucifixion, be-headings, eating their hearts, burnt at the stake, striking fear in the world as a way of conditioning all people everywhere to be compliant to the oligarchy’s Satanic New World Order.

Black Site? Just sounds like he went thru an airport to me.

When you kill people for fun and profit, raping them for the same seems like a small step.

I don’t know, to me it actually seems like a large step. Murder and rape are kind of orthogonal.

Meh, once you cross the line to murder for fun and profit, you’ve left your humanity behind. The same can be said of rape.

Zimbardo’s not wrong, and not only is the victim of torture harmed, but so are the perpetrators. The tortures are called upon to live normal lives (and the cognitive dissonance that torture causes), but they are likely to have a form of PTSD and this can make living a normal life impossible. With the spy agencies tending to hire the best and brightest of our our society it means these torture individuals have their lives and the possibility of normalcy taken away from them. They may also victimize those they love because of the trauma.

My oh my … those poor little CIAsies - NOT!

Is this some sort of weird “blame the victim” spiel? Those CIA-Fucks just could do the right thing and just don’t do the stuff they’re asked to do.

The US itself established seventy years ago that “It was an order!” is no defense for (war) crimes. At least seventy years ago a few (!) of those standing trial could argue that refusing to do the things they were ordered to could (!) get them killed in return. The CIA operatives don’t even have that excuse…


It’s not so easy. Maybe with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Not so much when you are immersed in the events, situation-blind, and the changes towards the worse come slowly. Double so if you meanwhile manage to form identification with the group you are part of.

That’s why it’s so important not to compromise on the human rights stuff even in so-called “exceptional” situations. It’s easy to rationalize “it’s OK if we bend the rules a little for terrorists because we’re trying to prevent the next 9/11” but once you open that door it’s hard to get it shut again. This concept needs to be an integral part of the training for all interrogators from the CIA to local law enforcement.

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Agreed in general, although nothing from this agreement should be construed as condoning, accepting, forgiving, excusing, etc. any of the atrocities committed by CIA operatives in the post-9/11 hysteria.

Instead, what I would like to see is a groundswell of approval / recognition / celebration of the HEROISM displayed by those who have sufficient moral courage and autonomy to REJECT the rationalization, and REFUSE to participate in the crimes.


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