Survivors of CIA torture describe homebrew electric chair used at Afghan black site


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Yes, but even your so-called “president”, Obama Hussien Obama, says that we have to look forward, not back, and he banned us from doing the things the CIA did even after he did so, so what can you do? And haven’t we done enough already? He’s already punished as many whistleblowers as he could get his hands on! Plus, this will all be legal once Trump takes back the White House, so you should probably steel yourselves to be showered with cries of “traitor” again every time you bring things like this up, on account of there being a war on and him being a War President on account of all the wars he’s planning (and not planning) to start or escalate.*


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I’m sorry but F’ that whole ‘few bad apple’ b.s. excuse from Rummy. This was systematic state sponsored torture approved from the very top and those who were at the top need to be brought to justice (I’m dreaming, I know). I’ll be thrilled the day that W. is in prison painting portraits of his co-conspirators / cellmates.


Whenever the scab sort of forms from reading about the torture WE did, someone comes along with a story that rips the scab off again. The pain people must feel just reading about this is psychological torture itself, like maybe it could happen to them or their friends or family.


Ugh. Some days it seems like the US government thinks it can find the moral high ground if it just keeps digging downward.


But we’re the good guys, so it’s OK.


If you want to perpetuate an endless war that generates endless profits, one needs to generate endless combatants – ya can’t do that without breaking some leggs.


Miraculously nobody in the entire USA is guilty of these horrific crimes.

How does this square with being a signatory the Geneva convention?


I’m tired of reading these stories*. They don’t even surprise me any more, and that scares me. I don’t understand what makes a person do these things to another person. I don’t understand why it hasn’t stopped. I’m not American, and I don’t feel there is much I can do to stop these things happening. But I wish I could, or that somebody else would. Isn’t the USA meant to be a respectable nation?

* story = report detailing something that actually happened to a real human being.


Let’s all remember that the provision ‘no cruel or unusual punishment’ is a constitutional one. It’s not like the U.S. or its government believes in that sort of thing.


“Do you ever think we might be the baddies?”


In God We Trust, Amirite???


“It’s not like we’re marching under the banner of a rat’s anus…”


Even if this guy were one of bin Laden’s bodyguards, what kind of useful information did the torturers think he might be able to supply? Did they suppose that a terrorist mastermind was dumb enough to not regularly change his location/routine/passwords, even after the capture/disappearance of his confidantes?

I can’t decide which bothers me more, the cruelty or the incompetence.


The cruelty was the point.

Shrub’s torture regime wasn’t about intelligence gathering, it was about blind vengeance.


Every person involved in this treatment, be it in the command chain or executives, should be put on trial as a war criminal. There’s nothing more to say. This is so disheartening.

I wish that for a moment, I could believe in the afterlife, so I knew there is a hell for these people.


It’s about power.


Yet another stage in the long American project to make Afghanistan’s time as a Soviet satellite state look like a golden era.


The irony today, as the US called the bombing of a medical facility in Aleppo last month a ‘war crime’.

Only when it’s them. Sigh.


kind of related - today the European Parliament voted to restrict the export of torture instruments even more. the first law in 2005 was aimed at tools only used for torture or death sentences, the new one covers dual-use tools, too

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