9/11 parade tribute a bit much, say locals

What the literal Fuck were they thinking?


Agreed. Kiddo and I made an impromptu stop there in May when our “avoid toll roads” road trip route took us by it. I was a little apprehensive going in because the area was thick with signs of “stop the steal” and those horrific asswipe as Rambo/Jesus mashups :face_vomiting:, but that afternoon everyone actually on the memorial grounds was respectful, or at least were quiet.


The politics here in PA are horrifying, at least outside of Philly and the ‘Burgh. But the land is pretty.


I did not notice that before because Iknew nothing whatsoever of this interesting fact but sure as hell will I now notice every time. That is really cool to think about architecturally.

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The ones where they’re doing arms-out balance walks on the railtracks are the most amazing. If they were doing a joke in a very dark-humor show you could have normal selfies but the balancey dances would just be way too on the nose. Yet that is what they always do.


Their favorite news channel always insists on how balanced it is.

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