90,000 young Britons register to vote in one day


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18 to 24? Mostly Gen Z - not “apathetic millennials”.



It’s amazing how skewed in favour of fucking over the young Britain is at the moment. Tuition fees, crappy entry-level job market, housing crisis and to cap it all off a bunch of idiots decided to stop us from leaving and going finding somewhere better.

While I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Corbyn’s Bennite leanings against Europe his social policies and plans to re-nationalise services are winning out for me.

Sadly I live in Theresa Villiers’ seat, and there’s no way in hell it’ll turn red.


It’s almost like they are trying to turn Britain in the American Jr.


Important part I read: its only $12k a year to go to college in Britain?!? THAT’S IT???


All 90,000 are in Islington?


You should take a look at tuition fees in Canada.


I truly look forward to the report that 90,000 young Britons actually vote.


It seems like “Millenials” refers to “the youngest folks we might expect to be in the conversation.” I’m 33, and when people talk about millenials not buying houses, it seems to be my folks. For voting, we’re down to the 18-24 crowd.

It’s always convenient to direct generational anxiety at something with a loose, slippery definition. Helps to justify a broader set of stereotypes.


Ummm, I’m nor familiar with that one. Thatherism. Lisp?


The great universities, Oxford, Cambridge, Hull.


Queue the alt-right astro-turf that they’re all illegal voters whose middle name is Mohammad.


University tuition fees in France

Tuition fees at public universities in France have variable prices depending on your chosen study level.

Bachelor programmes, the average tuition fees are around 190 EUR per year.
Engineering degrees have higher tuition fees of around 620 EUR per academic year.
The average tuition fees for medicine studies can lead to 450 EUR per year.
The average fees for a Master are around 260 EUR/year and for a PhD 396 EUR/year; you should expect higher fees for certain specialised degrees.


I refuse to like this.


Hi. Back in “the olden days” when I went to uni in the UK it wasn’t just a lot cheaper, I actually got paid to do it. Students offered a place at a recognized university for the tuition paid and a ‘maintenance’ grant that was enough to live on. If you went on to post-grad you would get grants for that too.

An elegant funding solution for a more civilized age… then Thatcher came along and the U.K. started it’s descent to Kochland.


i hate all of you. ALL OF YOU!


It is not our fault. Therefore, you should not hate us, but the US politicians who are responsible for tuition fees.

As a side note: you could consider studying in Europe. Germany is particularly good. You would need to learn the language, but that would be useful as well.


Corbyn has been a spectacular disappointment. I initially defended him but he has been an unmitigated disaster. His total abdication of his role of holding the government to account during the most seismic political dislocation in decades is borderline criminal in my eyes and he has played a major role in enabling the catastrophe that is the Tory party that we have in power now (and will have in power for the coming decade or more). I’ll reluctantly be voting Labour purely as it’s the right thing to do tactically in my (unfortunately quite safe) Tory constituency, but fuck Corbyn.


hating is easier.

I’m lazy. :sunglasses: