How Momentum UK learned from the Sanders Campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime-Minister-in-Waiting


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Now pop Bernie Sanders version to that and watch the TGOP shit their pants.


The fascists are organising globally. Socialists need to do the same.


The girl actually asks some good questions, like how is it that 1970s Britain could afford to have people sit in a lecture room at a university with an old bloke talking at them for a few hours a week, while 40 years later they can’t? Are the professors getting paid so much more?

What meaning does the term “economic growth” have if people are somehow ending up with less?


In 1970, 8.4% went on to higher education, in comparison to 33% in 2009.


So, all things being equal, they could afford to give the top 25% of students a free education?


Maybe. They may be able to give all students who want to it a free education.


Good timing:

(At least if Momentum are being investigated then the right can’t complain of bias from the Electoral Commission against them. Personally I’ll be surprised if there’s more than the odd mis-filed donation.)


But do we need to do so with the same weapons?

I’m assuming the Labour party had nothing to do with this ad. It screams to me of being produced by people who have lost all respect for the voters because the voters deigned to vote for an opposing party.

And people who cannot find any respect those who vote differently should not be anywhere near the political process. The fact that the right has sold their soul does not mean the left should do so as well.


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