90-year-old Dianne Feinstein hospitalized back home after tripping and falling

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Of course she also said her months-long bout with shingles was “the flu” and didn’t seem to realize she’d been absent from Washington at all, so she may not be the most reliable source of information about her own health.


She’s going to die in her office isn’t she?


Gerontocracy is cool and it’s definitely awesome to have politicians treat their offices as personal property they should not be expected to relinquish except and until death, regardless of the consequences. After all, why should they care what comes after they’re gone?


Even if she resigns, the GOP won’t let the Dems sit a new replacement in the Judicary committee, so as infurating as it is, we need her to remain as healthy as possible and in Washington to vote in that committee so we can continue to pump through judges to undo what TFG did to the Judicary.


I’m not sure that’s correct, is it? They needed GOP consent to “temporarily” replace her in the judiciary committee, but if she resigns and/or is no longer in the Senate, I don’t think GOP votes are necessary to fill the committee vacancy.

I could be wrong, but I believe that is what made her refusal to resign from the judiciary committee so galling in the first place. She (or, more accurately, her staff making all her decisions) are simply hanging on to power for its own sake, damn the rest of the country.


By my reading of the Senate rules, any committee seating requires a vote of the full chamber and could therefore be filibustered. Which is exactly the kind of thing Mitch McConnell would do.

I’m seeing this understanding also being repeated in the popular press, but there seems to be a lot of uncertainty around it.


They (GOP) can’t refuse to seat a new senator (they don’t have the votes for that), but they can stop the committee assignments from happening, so the new senator would just not have any assignments until the next Senate is seated.


My flippant response is “that’s not how it works in practice!” because the unwritten rules allow the parties to make the assignments but you’re absolutely right, and McConnell would most definitely come up with a reason why the GOP had to block any new committee assignments given that it’s an odd-numbered year and the moon is in Saturn.


She needs to GO. I’m beginning to think that they should all be FORCED to retire at 67.


Including the V.P., the Democrats have a majority

Our patience with “sorry, nothing can be done, precious senate rules you know” should be expired


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We might get lucky and he dies first. Ol’ Yertle’s not been looking to good himself.

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Until you replace the two Democratic senators who will not vote to replace the filibuster a bare majority will be able to do nothing in the Senate. Manchin is, for all his faults, unfortuntately, going to be replaced with a conservative Republican next election (the Governor), so Ruben Gallego is going to need to successfully primary Sinema, then win the general, and pick up another seat elsewhere.

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… it’s tragic really, I feel so sorry for them, it’s not like it’s their job to figure this shit out and fix it :roll_eyes:

I think we need a new term: six degrees to Weekend at Bernies

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