Feinstein returns to the Senate

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Feinstein returns to the Senate…and continues to skip votes. This is disgraceful.


I’m a few decades away from 89, but I totally get “I just can’t even” when it comes to work. However, I’m not a pivotal senator whose sole job is to maintain the US as a democracy. She needs to gracefully retire and enjoy her earned rest.


“I’m glad that my friend Dianne is back in the Senate and ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

A real friend wouldn’t go through this pretense that everything is normal and she’s capable of doing her job. A real friend would praise her illustrious career and say it’s time for her to retire and take care of her health issues (amazingly, the horror that is shingles is the least grave of them).


She has to go see Lindsey Graham first and give him a hug.


It’s high time for someone younger to have a crack at Senator Feinstein’s seat.


I’d settle for somebody present.


Can shingles be passed on that way?


Only if you can rub the lesions on someone who never had chicken pox or the vaccine. So, most likely, no.


Photos of Feinstein back in office have surfaced:


I’m old enough to have experienced some ageism myself, and I don’t want to use it on anyone else. However this case is much more than Feinstein’s age. Her absence delays the appointment of moderately rational judges. Trump & Co. rammed through so many crackpot justices that it will take more than a single term to make up for their damage. How can Feinstein ignore the precedent of RBG, whose insistence on not retiring handed the Supreme Court to the GQP?

In both instances the only hypothesis I can come up with that their personal drive to remain in power blinds them to the larger picture.



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Poor brave groundbreaking woman should be counseled to protect her legacy and retire; instead one suspects some brutal enabling staffing is going on.

“Where am I going?” she could be heard asking, as she slowly settled into the wheelchair. Her hand was visibly trembling as she took her seat. “I’ve got something in my eye,” she said, as her eye appeared bloodshot.

-sigh- (but that for the grace of the cosmos, (and about thirteen months), there go i)


I don’t know why she bought the shingles - most people don’t even want them.


Listen to the Dollop podcast episode on her and prepare to be shocked and outraged. She needs to retire NOW.


Fucking term limits, how do they work?


As much as I’m frustrated by the gerontocracy running our government, I think the problem isn’t necessarily that she’s served too many terms. She’s been in the Senate 31 years, which is nowhere close to a record. For example, Biden served 36 years in the Senate before becoming Vice President.

Feinstein’s problem is that she’s clearly no longer capable of doing the job well anymore. That can happen at different ages for different people (or for reasons that have nothing to do with age) so setting an arbitrary upper age limit seems like an overreach. Ideally she and those around her should recognize that her current limitations are causing serious harm, and she should voluntarily retire gracefully for the good of her constituents and the country. But since she isn’t taking the hint the rest of her party should have the courage to apply more public pressure and help her come to the right decision ASAP.


She’s done a great job, but for holy shit she looked like one of those old as shit Siths from Star Wars! Which one? Pick one!!

Welcome back Senator Feinstein. Please remember to vote for President Biden’s judicial nominees.

This about sums it up for me, tbqh.
My only addendum is that we have a gerontocracy. Congress is older than ever and keeps getting older. If we don’t have a solid mechanism to deal with when people become incapable, we will repeatedly relive this.