97p shop slashes tags to 95p in price war with 99p shop


Is the 97p store run by anarchists, or did they not research what that colour combination means?

At least here in Canada, most “dollar stores” are actually “dollar and up” stores - i.e. they’re not advertising a price ceiling but a price floor. “Nothing cheaper than a dollar!” Srsly. I don’t get it, myself.

Here we have one chain that advertises “1 Euro” in big letters. Next to that it says “and up”. But even that is a lie. They sell stuff that costs less, too.

Or rather we used to have it here, because the one in my - ahem - emerging post-industrial city closed down. Yay, my city!

We have the best here in the New York/New Jersey metro area:

99 Cents Up & Less

Every price is valid! I still feel that it’s a missed opportunity to embrace ambiguity and simply state it as “A Dollar, More or Less”


Does anything cost exactly 99c, or is it only up or less?

There are 99c items! And 79 and 1.29! and sometimes other prices too!

Here in the US we have 61 pence stores.


Welcome to Ambiguous Al’s “Things you can buy with money” Emporium!


Here’s my two cents: just think of how much money you saved!

Not enough savings to be useful at the “That and a nickel will buy you a cup of coffee” restaurant down the block.

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love those old links


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