'A $1000 emoji machine.' The best new iPhone X parody video so far

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My favorite is still his iPhone 5 song:


I must be missing something… which part of that was parody? Seemed pretty dead-on to me.

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oooo shiny

Same size as my iPhone SE - Yes.

£1,000 - No.

Consumer choice outcome: No.

Also, entire range tarnished with silliness. SE to be maintained in perpetuity.

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my stylist surprised me by telling me that their iPhone (the big one … the Plus?) was how they watched most of their movies/shows/netflix in their apartment.

i didn’t know that people actually did that. or i guess i thought that people only used it on the bus or waiting rooms.

they were super excited for the X. I guess I am hung up on at least having a keyboard.

$1K for a phone. That’s ridiculous. I know there’s some neat tech going on but that’s just excessive.


But that is the point: it is not “just a phone”. These device replace a music player, TV set, wallet, game console, GPS, diary, computer, torch, camera, etc, etc… If you add up the price of all this as we would have bought it just 5 years ago, you will probably have come to more than 1000$.

(Of course, you can do about the same with a 150$ smart phone which spies on you or a 300$ smart phone wich spies a bit less on you. I am not denying that the iPhone X is expensive, just explaining where people find the money.)

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I have kind of a silly question:

Is this just a voice over to an official video? If so, then it’s very well done and clever. If not, then it’s not very funny (IMO, of course).

Most of the Apple parody videos follow the same format. Almost all of the parody videos take the original pitch video and do their own voice over to it and maybe fudge around with the editing a little bit.

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The really important part is that:
-automatic photography and video manipulation is suddenly mainstream
-but only for the selfie camera.

I wonder if I could use that new iPhone to replace my face by a younger, nicer version of myself when videophoning on dating sites. How much would that be worth? :clown_face:

Citation needed on the ‘spies less’ part sinc the implication seems to be ‘the more money you pay hte less it spies on you.’ So by that definition this emoji machine spies on apple for you?


By no sensible definition does the iPhone X spy on Apple for its users. Where did you get that impression?

It’s only $200 more than the plus sized iphone 8. For that, you get OIS on both back cameras instead of just one, you get all the facial unlocking stuff (IR cameras, IR lasers, etc), and you get a OLED screen which costs Apple about $75 more than the IPS screen in the 8+.

It’s not hard to see the overall cost of the extra stuff in the X add up to around $140. Apple always sets their profit margin on phones to around 40%, so if their costs go up $140, they raise the price $200.

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Correction: about the same size as the non-plus 6, 7, and 8.

The SE is rather smaller. Also, rumours have it that the SE is due to get a refresh in the spring of 2018. Which would be exactly two years after it first appeared.

Our I phone 5’s are chugging along with zero issues, so no thanks on the $1000 phone of any kind.


Expected something pricey like this after Apple hired ex Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendt. Up next: Luxury goods retailer sells luxury goods. No surprise here.

Saving my $1000.00.


For this particular phone i don’t think the pricing is due to any luxury/fashion (like the $10k gold version of the Apple Watch), it’s just due to the particular parts and tech in that phone. Still i am not surprised that the price point is coming from Apple and i’m happy to not spend that kind of money on a phone.

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This is how innovation dies, to thunderous applause.