A 6-Piece Set for Photographers On The Go: 8X Telephoto, Fisheye, 60X Microscope & More

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I really don’t understand the point of things like this.

If you’re going to go to the trouble to cart around that many accessories to take photos, why not invest in a decent standalone camera instead of attempting to beef up a smartphone one?


“A 6-Piece Set for Photographers Amateurs On The Go”

Amateur photographers are still photographers. Hell, there are amateur photographers who are more serious about their work than many pros are. All ‘amateur’ means is that it’s not your primary source of income - and that describes the vast majority of serious photographers.

Also, there actually are some pros (mostly street photographers) who use their phone cameras. Right off the top of my head, Take Kayo (aka Bigheadtaco) http://www.bigheadtaco.com/


Nursing a hangover doesn’t make you a nurse, eh.

Yeah. Either way you have to carry it in your murse.


The Smartphone amateur proctologist self examination lens kit.

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Good point, Daemonworks. One of the clear virtues of this bag-o-lenses is that it’s compact and can easily fit into a purse or a man-bag. If you’re going on a long walk, but don’t want to lug around the weight of even a single SLR with a versatile 35-105mm zoom-telephoto, this makes reasonably good sense. Earlier this year, I took a trip to Italy, and really could have used this setup while walking through Rome.

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