Trick out your smartphone with 3 essential phone accessories--up to 80% off

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I think that you and I have much different definitions of “essential.”


…and much different definitions of “DSLR class”


I have the same lens kit from another supplier, and some more expensive ones too. The problem for me is that neither the telephotos in this kit or any of my others are very useful. They do increase zoom, but they also increase fuzziness and chromatic aberration, to the extent that you might as well just use digital zoom (ie cropping) instead. If you’re trying to read a sign in the distance in a photo, you will get some extra info out of the lens that you don’t get from cropping, but it’s not very much. I’ve yet to encounter a situation where the difference from digital zoom seems worth the fiddle time to get out a lens and put it on.

Spotting scopes and binoculars work fairly well (though they’re tricky to line up with the phone without an adapter), so I assume that’s the main tradeoff in pocket-telephoto - bigger makes zoom quality easier. (But… even more fiddle-time, possibly involving a tripod too)


With these little lens-augmenting doohickies, do you carry them in a case or something? It seems like if you’re going to be carrying around a thing to make your photos better, you could just put a compact camera in a bag and have more reach/macro-functionality/etc., get a bit more control over the camera, still be using minimal space, have it ready to shoot quickly without the fiddling, and have glass the camera was designed to use so chromatic aberration/etc. aren’t going to hit you nearly as much.

Digiscoping seems like it could be really cool, I’ve seen some pretty cool shots from people that do it, though I’m okay with just lugging the camera and big lens, with the added advantage of image stabilization and control over settings.

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I keep (some of) them stashed in the case that holds more important accessories like a charger / cables / earphones / etc. But I don’t really use the lenses. I also have a clip-on microscope that’s sometimes useful for things like reading faded/faint codes off SMD components. If I was a kid I would be more into the microscope for exploring the world around me from a new vantage, so it would be a nice inexpensive gift, but for myself I’m old enough to have already been-there-done-that :slight_smile:



Maybe you should change the topic from “Trick our your smartphone with 3 essential phone accessories…” to “Trick out your iPhone with 3 essential phone accessories…”. I don’t see anything for Android etc.


But you want a “sick rig”, don’t you?

I was thinking of something like the turret lens on old movie and tv camras…

I already have an additional 64gb it’s called a microsd heard of them?

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Right, I want to give advertisers the impression that I am jogging 4 hours a day and standing at work whilst also having been swallowed by a leatherback turtle that lives in a tapioca processing plant.

If only for the offers of oil changes inside herpetology centers near me.


Don’t we all, man. Don’t we all.


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