Extend your smartphone camera's capabilities for $10

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Ah, ffs…

I’ve seen plenty of these camera attachments advertised over the years.

But I’m mostly happy with my phone’s ability to take close-ups, or capture wide views. I’ve never wanted to take a fish-eye picture (the phone will do panoramas and “spherical” montages, so I can get that sort of coverage).

What I can’t do is get a picture of a heron sunning itself on a rock in the middle of the river. Or a turkey vulture soaring low over the neighborhood. What I get when I take those shot is maybe a 10-pixel square area of bird, and lots of background. These lenses would reduce that 10-pixel square to fewer.

Are there any lens attachments for my phone I could use to get those shots?

An external camera module that communicates with your phone via SD card sneakernet.


You mean… a handheld camera like a DSLR :wink:


Indeed what I meant. :wink:


Marco: Super Macro

I am confused. Is that SEO for misspelling?

Also, seriously: I digiscope by hand with binoculars and my phone. While the results are by no means comparable to a proper setup, they are often quite useful for documentation purposes.

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