This monocular doubles as a powerful zoom lens for your smartphone


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For me, smartphone camera lens attachments are often hard to justify.[/quote]

Guys, I think we’ve been wrong all along.

The Store isn’t an Artificial Intelligence in some server in Silicon Valley; it’s an Artificial Intelligence within a smartphone.


I see from the photo it’s good for looking at people’s butts.

Maybe that’s just a marketing ploy.


I have one of those telephotos for my iphone - less powerful - but - they really only work in full sunlight at noon well. It did get me some nice shots of ill pape waving from his Popemobile - so - good for something.


But it takes vertical pictures, so everyone will mock and revile you.


Or looking up really big skirts.


Are you saying my butt looks big through this monocular?


Whose wouldn’t? But I was referring to all the hate on the internet for vertical video.


Don’t get me started.



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