$3 clip-on camera lens kit for smart phones


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Even cheeper here:


Any particular reason why they specify iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 6? Does the protruding lens on the 6 create problems?


I use it on my iPhone 6 Plus with no problem


Great. It won’t be hard to find $3 of utility out of the three lenses. Pretty crazy to think that, in theory, someone is making at least a couple of cents on this micro-transaction, including shipping it across the globe. I hope the kids who put these together are at least teenagers and are forced to work less than 20 hours a day.


Wow. Crazy. I ordered a set a few days ago and it arrived today. I’d been playing around with it and like them. Although I agree the fish-eye is really the best one. For the price it’s crazy.
ALSO, it works pretty great on my laptop’s camera. Clips on really easily.


Even cheaper if you don’t mind black.


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