$8 microscope clips to smartphone

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Awesome find. Picked up a few to show some friends who teach and use iOS devices.

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Cool! I’ve got one of those macro lenses for a phone that uses a metal ring glued to the phone back around the camera and a magnet on the lens to hold it when you’re using it, and the metal ring didn’t stay glued onto the shiny plastic non-flat surface very well. This thing is clunky, but looks like it should Just Work.


I had the same problem with a range of fisheye and other short length lenses that I bought as a cheap set. The lenses were fit for purpose with the phone, but the magnetic rings were rubbish and didn’t work with a phone case.

That’s not an eight dollar microscope…those are like ninety-nine cents, on Ebay. The clip and the glue might comprise the value added, I suppose…

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