A 6-year-old boy "played" with his dad's Grubhub app, ordering $1,000 worth of food

When our daughter was still living at home and smartphones were just barely getting smart we had a game, if you left your phone out it was fair game to respond to texts with absurd responses.

I occasionally respond to texts from my daughter on my wife’s phone, I can usually get away with one or two texts before. “Hi dad.”

Fun times.

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I wonder how many emergency calls are generated that way?

That’s pretty much what squicks me out about mobile device user handling in a nutshell.

You can screw up and give someone access to a sensitive account on a real computer; but spinning up another user account or activating the guest account takes about 90 seconds, so that’s distinctly optional.

Over in mobile hell land there is only really support for a user account; along with a few cumbersome and generally inadequate tack-ons that can’t necessarily even be configured from the device(various kiosk options; android ‘work profile’, ‘shared ipad’ if you’ve got an MDM and a bunch of managed IDs); so you have little option but to either deny access entirely or walk straight into that problem.

My Pixel 6 Pro has user accounts and guest mode.

A couple seconds and I can hand my phone to someone without them accessing my personal stuff.

I have no use for it but it is there. Googles says it’s been available since Android 5.0

Still waiting for the Taboola ad that’s so crazy they advise putting the phone in guest mode. Sort of, while blocking Taboola.


Frequently people showing pictures to others, somewhat less frequently showing a web page or something.

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