A 7th grader's a cappella cover of Nirvana's Nevermind... all of it

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Based on the headline alone, I was expecting some sort of child prodigy phenom performance…and, frankly, that’s exactly what we got, though I feel we don’t yet have the theoretical and/or philosophical basis to fully appreciate Mr. Clark’s gift.


Hier sind wir nun.
Unterhalte uns!

This is why I love Youtube.

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my sentiments exactly… it makes me smile

A friend of mine was asked to join a kickass all girl punk band. To learn the songs, the singer passed her a home recorded cassette of all the tunes played half speed on an acoustic guitar with the lyrics sung cleanly instead of in the punk growl. It was so beautiful and I wish I could hear it again.

There must be so many treasures out there…


The World has officially nothing to talk about anymore.


Welcome to Boing Boing, new comrade.

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