A Bad Lip Reading of Mark Zuckerberg testifying to Congress

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To be honest, I can’t really tell if this was an actual CPAN stream or a bad lip-reading video. I expect many of these congress critters’ questions to be about that coherent.


Could they have been a little harder on Mr. Facebookman himself?

Nah, F that. They were hard on who needed to be made fun of here, the embarrassment that is our Congress and their inability to press Zuckerface with hard hitting questions. What’s crazy is that some of these things are not too far off from what they said. “So if I have the Facebook do I also have the Internet?” Yup, that’s about right.





No one has tolerance for farcical humor in these oh-so-serious times. He’s not specifically making fun of anyone here, just making a silly video, and as a result, it’s perfect. He would have made a much less funny video if he had focused on punishing Zuckerberg, or whatever he’s expected to do to gain the approval of the left.

Absolutely my first thought. I mean, looking at him the guy is anxious +++ and has probably been up all night and so he is pale, wide eyed with big eye bags. But the end effect is that he definitely looks like a lizard wearing a man suit.


So you’re saying that one of the largest media companies in the world’s carelessness with user privacy and their habit of maximally exploiting their users is an issue that only concerns the “left”?


Bojane Bogame. Ha, loved that part! (Starts at 4:27.)

Don’t forget to count the fingers!

I lost it around 1:08 when they ask him to smile.

Yes, yes it really was horrible.

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No, just that nowadays the left only wants humor that addresses their concerns. Just like the right. And if there’s no agenda to the humor, both sides wonder whether they should laugh or not.

Scary thought! But with the exception of outright political shows like John Oliver and the like, I respectfully disagree with your theory. All the humorous posts today on BoingBoing for example have no political leaning whatsoever. That’s not to say that the posts here (for example) never have a political leaning of course, but just that it’s not a necessary component for comedy. And may it never be!

I am trying to imagine Einstein using “turd satchel” in a sentence.

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Absolutely priceless.

This isn’t even his final form.

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