The Congressjerks who will grill Zuckerberg this week are a rogue's gallery of Facebook donation recipients


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Hey Zuck, why come you keep giving info to those bad, bad…ahh, to heck with it. How do ya like your wings?!


For politicians who take big money donations “that day” to provide a service always comes.




Roger that.


I wouldn’t touch that. You don’t know where it’s been. It’s been everywhere.


And we already know what Mark will tell congress, more or less:


Purest coincidence.


$381,000 spread among members of a whole Senate committee? Why, such an amount gives me the vapors!

This is like when people describe the amount of water wasted in a drought in gallons rather than in acre-feet.


Well, that, discounts towards election-stealing data packages.


Zuck’s just a parallel stalker.



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