A BBC Micro for the modern desktop

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I grew up on BBC Micros. There were some great commercial games plus the fun of typing in code from magazines and then modifying it.

The BBC Model B - what a machine! Built like a tank, amazing keyboard and so, so expandable.

And their next generation machines - just wow! The Acorn RISC Machine powered Archimedes using their own processor design. The ARM was not only developed in a ridiculously short period of time by a incredibly small team with no real history of microprocessor design, but those designers tested their ideas by simulating the processor in BBC Micro BASIC! And it worked first time when it was turned into silicon.

In case anyone missed it, Ars recently ran an excellent story about the invention of the ARM processor (ARM = The Acorn RISC Machine)

The folks at Acorn were geniuses. Sadly, the Electron had pretty much killed the company by throwing it to the wolves at Olivetti.

For folks in the UK, if you visit Bletchley Park, make sure to visit the National Museum of Computing which not only has a lot of networked BBC Micros, but the Colossus rebuild, the ATLAS supercomputer and a good part of your childhood:


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