A beautiful classic Star Trek Tricorder


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“I also like the smaller medical tricorder, which was just a salt shaker during filming of TOS.”

Unless this mockup’s smaller medical tricorder will come with some sort of sci-fi related function, I suggest that it be sold with salt shaker-capability; Trekkies gotta eat too, you know.


pardon me while I am nerding out - I believe the smaller device was not a small tricorder, but just a medical sensor that relayed data back to the tricorder - you’ll note its always used in conjunction with the full size device.


I like mine fresh. Not from the shaker.


But can it play Asteroids?


Please doublecheck your link – it goes to the TOS communicator, which although it is cool as well, is not the Tricorder.


Correct. The Desilu Props Department also installed a small, battery-operated spinner inside the clear plastic top housing of the medical sensor. The salt shakers were actually part of Dr. McCoy’s array of surgical instruments, usually referred to on-screen as “laser scalpels”.


I love classic 23rd century design!


Man I would have loved this as a kid. I improvised my own by drawing with crayons on a short piece of 2x4.


I wanted a Wrath of Khan tricorder to go with my Wrath of Khan ‘monster maroon’ uniform, but even compared to the TOS tricorders, they looked clunky. Since when does design move backward?


“I have always wanted a TRI-Function reCORDER.”

Pah! I want an OMNICORDER.

Anyway, back in the day I managed to get hold on an early Phillips cassete tape recorder. The one originally intended for office use as a dictaphone with the one-knob-control. Came in a faux leather case with a shoulder strap. Close enough for kiddies doing a bit of Star Trek LARPing in a mid-1970ies backyard. Not that anyone used the term LARP then. We were just kids playing and having fun.


Maybe they were the phablet of tricorders.


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