A beautiful data-drive Tube ad from 1928

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How have I never noticed that the Underground logo is a flagrant (ahem) ASCII penis?


That’s beautiful! A Tuftean masterpiece!

The textual interpretation show an intriguing anomaly: load is far lower at 10-11 AM than at 4-5 PM, but they recommend using the tube not at the former, but only at the latter time (which is arguably when “the workers return”). I think they did this to encourage people to move away from the daily maximum at 5.30, even if it is only by half an hour. So the text is more than a description of the graph: it is deliberately giving a slanted description with the aim of changing the measured quantity more efficiently.


One might infer, judging from the higher traffic on the right - including a second 6 hour back and forth at the end of the day - that the city swallows about 40000 people every day. Shouldn’t something be done about this?

Or that 40,000 people are ahem clearing my throat having a sleepover in another part of the city every night.

People in 1928 only had penises in the dark behind closed doors with as little movement as possible.

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After five days in a typical working week that’s nearly a quarter of a million.

I wonder if the actual outward-return data was collected in 1928? It’d be nice to see actual ebb-and-flow graphs rather than something rectified.

I was expecting an as for some kind of vacuum tube data drive cos I’ve only just woken up. I AM DISAPPOINTED.


The question is, if you had a little on the side, wouldn’t you want to get it as often as possible? :smile:

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