How many metro rides were taken during Women's March Vs Trump inauguration


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This chart proves that only leftists take public transportation. Wish they could learn to take personal responsibility. Sad!


Wait, are these “facts” or “alternate facts”? They appear to be facts but reality is so fickle.


Note that the 2010 Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity set a Saturday (then) record (over 825,000).


Their husbands were probably all watching football and couldn’t drive them to the march. :neutral_face:



I love the doublethink on display with Trumpeteers online. “Turnout was lower because conservatives have jobs to go to, har har!”

…completely missing the point that Trump’s campaign was rooted in the assumption that nobody has any jobs.


Black athlete pointing out American flaws: Anti-American
White businessman pointing out American flaws: President




Ouch! If there’s one thing Trump hates, it’s a bar chart where he occupies the shortest bar.
I’m guessing that even applies when lower numbers are desirable. Ban all infographics!


What? I bought a token.


There should be another chart entry showing how many people walked in after seeing full train cars sitting idol. Just say’n.


I heard one lady yelling at marchers something to the tune of “If you were hard at work or had jobs you wouldn’t be here to protest” to the reply of “It’s Saturday Bitch!”


I’ve seen a number of them switch course and declare that Trump is a better leader BECAUSE he had a lower turnout, because the ability to draw a large enthusiastic crowd means you’re a totalitarian ruler (often using a photo of a crowd saluting Hitler or Kim Jong Un to underscore the point).

Of course this directly undercuts the new administration’s ongoing claim that Trump’s crowd was actually huuugge but intellectual consistency is for the weak.


i hope the word got around not to throw away any metro cards with a remaining balance on them. there was an organization who helps local disadvantaged families by supplying them with metro cards with leftover balances, so they can get to job interviews/work/medical appointmets/etc. – i thought that was a brilliant idea.


Missing ‘alternate facts’: Government made inauguration day a holiday for civil servants. Q: What percentage of civil servants in DC are Democrat vs Republican. Q: What percentage of civil servants attended Obama inauguration? Q: How many Trump supporters are employed and had to actually go to work vs taking day off for attending inauguration?


I have never figured out why pointing out America’s flaws (the first step to fixing them, duh) was always such a traitorous thing among the right wing (only when uttered by leftists, of course). I remember the stupid old slogan, “America Right Or Wrong!” Why not “America, Right It’s Wrongs”?


LIES! FAKE NEWS! Everyone knows the DC Metro no longer takes tokens, yet the lying media says nothing! AMERICAN CARNAGE!


Except that George W. Bush still managed to draw a significantly larger crowd than Trump back in 2005 when he was one of the least popular second-term Presidents in history. So maybe it really does have less to do with whether the candidate is Republican or Democrat and more to do with the fact that Americans as a group do not care for Trump.



They’re not good outside of Philly? No wonder they were so angry.