Trump running Facebook ads asking people to attend inauguration


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We’re getting these in the DC area too…


I’m already so tired of hearing that name, but if I must be inundated with news of the Apricot-hued Asshole, then let it be of his woes & his downfall.


“Please like me?”


What inauguration? The big party is on Saturday, when a million or more of us descend on DC to protest this orange piece of trust fund garbage.

As for the “inauguration”:


There are scattered reports that scalpers are having trouble moving tickets:

Though most seem to start with this Daily News article. And Daily News is a god damned rag who appear to have talked to one scalper.



This is where it gets interesting. There’s an unspoken rule between the press and staged press events: cameras will park in a range to show whatever size crowd has shown up. Have an empty arena but the front 50 seats are full? Framed to row 50. Now you have someone who didn’t even wait to be inaugurated to declare war on the press. They can get back at him with live footage of the empty seats or by covering the demonstrations (which they never do).

And I’m pretty sure this will be the first inauguration speech to be fact-checked live. Guarantee he’ll try to gut NPR funding for revenge. (In fairness: NPR live fact-checked Obama’s farewell address).

Trump’s team has indicated it will be a short speech.

On that note, RIP Longest Inaugural Speech-giver and Shortest Lived President William Henry Harrison, who spoke for 1 hour and 45 minutes in a snowstorm and succumbed to pneumonia a month later.


I’ll go if they promise to do this:


That scalper is learning a tough lesson in Trumponomics.


Related? Hulu is currently running ads for the GOP’s magical ACA replacement.

Going to stop subscribing to Hulu if they don’t stop running GOP propaganda. They were running NRA ads during the election as well. I would not be surprised to see them run the invitation.


Do they just “happen” to be running when you search for Man in the High Tower?


He’s just signed up a major millennial comedian:


Man, it’s sad when the middle school bully realizes he isn’t actually popular.


You might want to check your browser history before blaming Hulu. Most of my ads on Hulu are pretty in-line with stuff that I’ve seen while normal web browsing. If you’ve been visiting sites with a conservative bias (for yuks, research, etc.), that might be affecting the ads.


I honestly think more people need to attend this event.

As protestors.


I group scalpers in with bicycle thieves, so no sympathy over here.


From the linked article:

"Yossi Rosenberg of Manhattan told the Daily News he bought a pair of tickets for $700 in hopes of selling them for $1400, and he can’t seem to get them off his hands. He even advertised them on white supremacist websites like the Daily Stormer, but alas, … “Nobody wants to buy them.”

Wow. I don’t know what to say about that.