Trump running Facebook ads asking people to attend inauguration


Wasn’t calling for sympathy, and neither was the Daily News. If Scalpers can’t move the tickets. That means there are still plenty of free tickets available. Which means attendance will be low. Combined with a late in the game flush of ads pushing said free tickets you’re starting to see some early evidence that noone wants to go.


He’s desperate!



Hulu via streaming box and no browser/surfing in the mix. Perhaps zip code or that Hulu has actually crossed into the dark side. Hulu is part owned by FOX after all.


He will perform double duty…

Yes, comedian AND the only attendee.


Not sure if their financial situation has changed all that much over the past few years, but a while back there were a lot of articles in the tech space about how Hulu was running tons of Ad Council ads (which are super cheap) because they couldn’t get anyone else to buy their spots. They might still just be desperate enough for money to keep the lights on that they don’t care.


I’m getting a little tired of these photo-shopped images of Drumpf. I’d like to see a return to the real pictures of him illustrating articles about his zany antics. The ones with odd configurations of mouths and eyes.


I’m going, because my favorite cover band cover band will be playing.


I’ve read that there will be hired seat fillers just like at his rallies. But I think that it doesn’t totally pass the sniff that there aren’t enough people to show up. Usually it’s a pretty fun, big party and there are so many people in DC who work for the Republican party. I’m a little concerned that people are overselling how low the turnout will be or how bad the butthurt is that fabulous entertainment isn’t showing up. He’s got 90 million to work with; more than any other inauraguration. They are fun events. His rallies sounded fun if you were into that kind of thing. Not my bag, but neither is monster trucks, and I can see the appeal of that. I think there will be a turnout.


This honestly surprises me. Even if most of the country didn’t vote for him his supporters always seemed quite enthusiastic. You would think they would be driving pickup truck convoys to DC right now.

Or maybe there’s a very large segment of people who voted for him as a protest vote assuming there was no chance of him actually winning and when he did they all kind of sauntered away nonchalantly trying to avoid blame.


Posted in another thread, but this bears repeating here and isn’t a bad metric as if you’re turning up, you’re gonna need somewhere to park.

According to the WaPo

For Obama’s 09 inauguration, 3000 charter bus parking permits were applied for.
For the Women’s March On Washington, 1200.
For the current inauguration, only 200.




His approval ratings have been moving progressively lower over the last few weeks. The assault on the ACA has apparently cheesed off a lot of people who voted for him as his demographics are the ones most reliant on it for medical care. And apparently white nationalists are pissed that they’re aren’t enough racist demagogues in his nominations and he hasn’t been supportive enough of Russia.

There are a lot of early signs that whatever coalition he’s built is eating itself. And the GOP lead congress never really seemed to line up behind his insane ideas, or the reasons people voted for him. They’ve just got very excited about pushing through their “true conservative” stock agenda with little resistance, which isn’t going to excite those people you saw shouting slurs at Trump Rallies.

I could see conspicuously low turn out happening. But I doubt we’re going to see empty rooms and true embarrassment. Trump will claim more people showed up than ever in history. The best crowds! Biggest Inauguration! The news will say “actually”. Trump will call “fake”. And it will have no real impact.


And with a little cut and paste you should be able to make this statement about ANY issue for the next four years.

Trump will claim more people than ever will be covered by Trumpcare. The best coverage! Biggest benefits! The news will say “actually”. Trump will call “fake”. And it will have no real impact.

Try it for yourself!


This is the guy who claims to be 35 years old but also claims to have been a senior executive at Intel before 9/11.


I like this approach:

Apparently the fake crowd space is contentious. From their website:

“P.S. In case you are curious about our successful defense in the patent lawsuit filed against us by Crowd in a Box in 2007, please click here.”


I think New Yorkers will just be happy to have him leave town. We should be waving goodby at JFK, or whichever airport the Trump Shuttle operates out of.



Yeah. I’d never heard of him until that post here about him (last week?)


Yes, what happened to all these stalwarts?


No it’s not. It’s delicious.


Yeah, even if the crowds are half the size of the 2008 inauguration, they’re still hyuge. It would be nice, though if they’re smaller than those for the protest march Saturday.

Edited to add…How long before Trump claims that crowds on Saturday are in town for more inaguration festivities?