A beginner’s guide to intersectional feminism


can’t speak for you.


Maybe say having a racial bias rather than being racist? I would definitely be offended and defensive if someone said I was racist, but I know I do have racial (and socio-economic) biases. I think almost all people do.


I’m not going to apologize for my tone because I think I’ve been very respectful. I don’t think I ever said anything disrespectful, nor did I demean anyone or imply they were less than my equal.

I did not dismiss the validity of your feelings so please don’t use a term like gaslighting which minimizes my own actions and implies the worst.

Also your comment for me to shut up a minute and listen is both unnecessarily confrontational and implies that I was somehow talking over people.

I’m sorry if you don’t feel as though I have the right to be here. I’ve been a reader of boingboing for more than a decade and I think I understand the spirit of the site. Sorry if you don’t feel that I’m welcome, but my presence here in no way takes away from your enjoyment of the site.

I feel as though your aggressive nature is a prime example of what’s wrong with the current conversation and I think we can all try harder to speak with each other rather than come out swinging. That just divides people.


Yes, exactly. I know I come into these conversations with a lot of assumptions or baggage too. I think a term like bias won’t cause reflexive defensiveness.



Fair points, thanks for sharing your views on that. I wouldn’t have used the term lower common denominator, but I understand what you’re communicating.


That’s not the sole measure. Shhhhhh. Humble.

my… nature.

Interesting choice of words.

You’re good, I’ll give you that, but really. I’m dividing people? As you label and demean your sleight of hand includes putting responsibility for that on someone else too?


Welcome new community membner.


So nice (/s) to see that like, 90% or more of the convo here so far on intersectional feminism is instead about how white people feel when their racism is pointed out. (Big news that, such discovery.) White folks just gotta be on center stage talking about themselves, even in an ostensibly progressive space like bbs!


I just wanted to point out that you just confirmed the my other observation with Intersectional Feminists, that when they encounter ideas that don’t agree, they ban it. It happened to a feminist friend of mine over at the Facebook group “Pantsuit Nation”.

She noticed a woman was being attacked for having a degree and being white, she tried to question it, and then was banned from the thread for questioning why they were doing it. The attacker was on a first name basis with the moderator.

Fight ALL racism. Fight for equality. Stop this echo chamber racism disguised as some sort of feminism.

Have the strength to actually face contrary opinions.


Tell me again. please which questions you asked in your flagged comment?


You didn’t address the article, you haven’t read the article, you are yammering about some shit that happened one time on Facebook. Expect to continue to get flagged.


Makes you wonder if they even read the article.


I’d bet my right foot they didn’t. After all, they already know, based merely on some cursory tone-policing, that intersectional feminism is “bullshit.”


It’s because there was enough truth in it, that they couldn’t argue with it. I agree I was cross when I wrote it, but I meant it.

I see two groups of people using carefully crafted sentences of words with double meaning to convey a message in convoluted language. For example, I’ve talked to hunters who use all sorts of double-speak to justify how they don’t enjoy hunting and how it’s good for the environment to kill elephants for money.

The intersectional language works the same way.

Non-academic intersectionality

The article actually addesses all your points. Read it. Stop shitposting, unless your goal is to simply shut down the thread.


AcerPlatanoides is doing some classic GateKeeping. I see it all the time in Intersectionals. They use it to contriol the narrative.

I see: “You’re not qualified/too cis/too entitled/(I have actually seen ‘too educated’) to be able to speak about this. Sit down and shut up while you get schooled”

Go to any open Intersectional forum and you will see this gatekeeping pop up again and again.



I hope you’re doing OK. Seriously. I’m not sure I entirely follow everything you’ve written. I think we might be misreading each other. Or, so you don’t feel as though I’m putting words in your mouth, I think I’m misunderstanding some of your responses. They seem a bit non-sequitur to me. I’ll admit this could definitely be an issue on my side, so I’m sorry if I’m coming off as obtuse. I’ll try my best to engage this forum in good faith.

I don’t think we’re furthering the conversation by dismissing people as “Intersectionals”. I feel like it’s the labeling on both sides that’s preventing a real discourse from happening. The original article has some good points in it. I was just concerned about some of the language being used, I felt a few passages were needlessly divisive. I did learn a few things from it, and it made me consider things in a different light.


That’s what happens when you pop in and insist on sucking up time and oxygen with the same old newbie objections that have already been addressed dozens of times already.


I’m just tired of them representing feminism. I’m happy for them to call themselves “Intersectionals” but drop the feminism.

Some of us “Just Feminists” (as in the dictionary definition) are tired of being grouped with them, and just want to fight for ALL womens rights without all their “this too, but not this” BS.

I think there is a STARK difference between text-book Intersectional Feminism (in the article) and how it is actually executed in the real world by people. And it is re-inforced by the censoring and sarcastic gatekeeping I see here.


I see it all the time in Intersectionals.

K. So you didn’t read the article and have no interest in discussing it.


You began by picking fights without addressing the article, you continue to pick fights about your pet peeve and only respond to the portion of posts that allow you to keep picking fights, and you apparently have no objection to the article. @Falcor ?