A bodega made entirely of felt

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All felt?

Hey! Hands off the merchandise unless you’re ready to buy!


This is so great. I’m amazed she made all of this in just nine months (the video says it’s six, for some reason, but the article says nine several times), and it’s super cute. Kind of sad I’m too far away to pay a visit and buy something.


Does she have a felt hubcap for a 72 Pinto Hatchback? Oh, chocolate donuts!


9,000 items/9 months/30 days per month = 3 items per day.

That’s pretty impressive right there.

And I just realized i probably bring home three items a day from convenience stores… huh.

Great work.


My hat is off to her.


ISWYDT - one of these perhaps?


Is this more accessible art than the Crazy Dave’s Plant Supplies sold out of the back of his car? I’m just not felting it. Maybe a Susannahannah’s Universal Income Bulk Coloring and Chromasheep Petting Farm setpiece…


33 & 1/3 items per day. Or 50 items per day if the video’s claim of six months is correct. It stands to reason she probably had some help with the sewing.

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Art can be so surprising and refreshing

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This is really charming. I remember handmade felt Christmas ornaments from when I was a kid, and I’m still enchanted by little felt finger puppets and animals and the like.


I started picking up vintage (1960s, 1970s, 1980s) “working with felt” books from eBay years ago. One fun thing about it is that it can be appropriate to glue felt pieces together instead of sewing them. My hands can’t really handle sewing anymore.

would selling this stuff not piss off the companies owning the brands? i mean…shes kinda making money with their brand names in a kind of a sense…

Although it could be considered a completely different era, Andy Warhol was never sued by Campbell’s, Brillo, or Coca-Cola (he’d been sued only by a few individuals over lack of permission for photographic images). The Cambell’s company and the Warhol estate even have a licensing agreement in place.

I could see a few companies wanting to sue her in this era of copyright trolls and overreaching DRM, I don’t believe they’d have a leg to stand on as she isn’t attempting to reproduce the actual products and is only representing them in an artistic setting.

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