Divine Matrix: new art made from old art magazines


I went and looked at item at Etsy and was disappointed that my “guess” of an early-to-mid '90s copy of Wired was wrong.

Uh, I think the seller on Etsy probably created this as art. It is quite insulting to suggest that people could just make their own, as though this was a DIY project in a craft magazine.


But frankly it is more of a craft. As an art concept it’s derivative and not very well composed. As a craft it’s cute, and if you don’t want to put the work and hours into making it yourself (and there’s good reason not to) then it’s not really unfairly priced.

I picked up something like this at a craft fair years ago, except instead of just a flat visual layout the person had used the rolled magazines to create a hanging set of shelves. Really neat…

Even if it was high art, really there’s no shame in making your own assuming you can make it as well. And if you can make it as well or better… why then… welcome to the life of an artist.

Well that’s great if the Etsy seller was selling a kit or supplies to make this, or had a how-to blog about paper crafting, etc…

I’m not the seller, but I would be M-A-D if BB or any other site posted a piece with a photo of my work that is for sale (ie income), with a link, but then just suggested that hey folks, you could make your own !

Your critique of this work sidesteps the point: this article disrespects the artist/craftsperson.

agree. i was surprised to see this remark posted on a blog that positions itself as supporting the maker movement.

while i don’t think there is anything wrong with copying this work at home on a sunday for your own amusement, somehow suggesting it in the blogpost seemed a bit off-colour.

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That’s funny. I wouldn’t, actually. If anyone wants to paint my painting for themselves I see no reason for them not to. In fact, I’d love to see it.

I also don’t expect most people to be able to afford one. So why would I discriminate against those who don’t have the money to buy a false sense of importance from one of the most disgusting profit making industries out there… the manufacture and sale of bullshit for rich folks to crow about?

Then again, I wouldn’t sell on Etsy. Because… Etsy is for crafts.

But really, we are talking about rolled up magazines. This is like those cork board craft projects where you glue them into a frame. You can buy the kit at hobby lobby for this. So why isn’t the “artist” selling the kit, actually?

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