Terrible origami from $250,000 and under



IMPORTANT NOTE: Etsy will only let me set a price as high as $250,000. Rest assured I am selling this for $1 million. Set "Quantity 4" in your cart when you check out. There is only 1 frog. Just pretend like you are ordering 4 so we can work around this flaw in Etsy's software.

You get nothing if you buy only one of the $250,000 item. That frog is a million bucks, it’s a four for one deal. Unimaginable Savings!


Makes me think of http://www.origamiboulder.com/ . I am surprised to see they are still in business after all these years.


I am selling various smushed cardboard items from my recycle bin for only $10,000 a pop. Anyone interested, no, do I hear crickets?


20 sales, and 17 were t-shirts.

A fool and his money…


I hear origami potato salad is a hot item…


I would demand 25% of the frog for a quarter million. That’d show him what’s what!



I’m reminded Yves Klein’s Zone de Sensibilité Picturale Immatérielle. According to Wikipedia:

The work involved the sale of documentation of ownership of empty space (the Immaterial Zone), taking the form of a cheque, in exchange for gold; if the buyer wished, the piece could then be completed in an elaborate ritual in which the buyer would burn the cheque, and Klein would throw half of the gold into the Seine. The ritual would be performed in the presence of an art critic or distinguished dealer, an art museum director and at least two witnesses.

Klein sold eight of 'em. According to him, “Believe me, one is not robbed when one buys such paintings; it is I who am always robbed because I accept money.”


It’s only clever if you’re the first guy.


This is proof of the genius behind the account. Who cares whether a single piece of bad art sells, so long as t-shirts keep rolling out the door?



this was Groening’s idea back in the 80s. I don’t have my Life In Hell books anymore and I can’t find the page online, but it was a cartoon about last-minute gift ideas.


So, no refunds then?


Regretsy, I miss you!


I would consider this, but only if you had 3 other friends lined up to buy the rest and did all the cutting yourself.


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