Rich and dumb? Here's something for you


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What if you are just dumb? I know I’ll get two…


That makes three of us who have posted this! Basically the ultimate BB post.


I’m glad I only covered their $9K ball of yarn :joy::


I will fit great in your faux-pastoral cottage when you feel like playing shepherdess for a couple hours.


Platinum Colonic Irrigators will signal the point where marketing critical mass has been reached.


Y’know, I could spraypaint a bunch of cans a shinier silver than their plain selves, draw a line of blue nail polish down their sides, and sell them for, what, US$50 a pop? What do you think?


This is the Habsburg Jaw of luxury items.


Pffft. I have a paperclip made from antimatter suspended in a leaded cut crystal magnetic bottle.


Leaded cut crystal? No unicorn horn? Poser.


At least it’s not a pebble.


See, if it came sealed, so I could use a can opener on it and throw away the elegant silver lid, then I’d buy it.


Rich and dumb? What about the Impoverished person that saves up for months to splurge on this? What are they?


I was beginning to think that this was the BB office joke.


LOL - wow. Four. I mean this really gets the editors’ goat.

I still contend this is a fine example of Pop Art. But the ridicule of it echos the critics of the original movement.


No market research required; oodles of imbeciles out there. Go for it.

  1. Try this stuff.
  1. Might work for a craft fair, but people buy it for the Tiffany name. Just like they buy Warhols for the name. I remember seeing high priced purses made from cigar boxes and think I could make them, but they reason people bought from those places were the status of buying from those high end salons. Joe Schmo off ebay doesn’t have the same clout.


Sorry, but you are misunderstanding how the market works. The price that someone sells for is the right price for it. So if someone bought this for $1k then that means it is worth $1k and so they are not dumb. Actually, it is worth $1k plus the value of the time they spend purchasing it. Since it would take you about the same amount of time to purchase it, and since you probably make less money than the purchaser, it would actually be cheaper for you than for them, which means you’d be getting a deal. Maybe you are the one who is dumb for not buying it.


What next? Tiffany cut crystal mason jars?


You’re definitely on to something there.