This is a $9K ball of yarn


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For sale: a sterling silver Tiffany "tin can," $1000

Why, it’s so much FUN to pretend to be like the peasants! Come hither. I believe they call this object… “yern”.


seems reasonable


The perfect toy for your $20,000 savannah cat!


reminds me of the Queen’s Hamlet.


For that price, I’m expecting something bigger


I guess this the crazy rich types something to buy with their upcoming tax breaks.


Next year - a string silver mock WIC card


Everyday objects usually don’t cost $9,000…

I do wonder what someone would do with this yarn? Knit a scarf? What do you do with the inevitable wasted bits of yarn?

Maybe I’m just feeling the class warfare today…


An attempt at mining cultures adjacent to adjacent culture in an attempt at generating cachet.

Hipsters do this all the time. With Tiffany doing this now, well…I think the 1% has finally started to lose touch with their past.


An attempt at generating cachet… or generating crochet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah yeah, I’ll see myself out.


How so? In what way does this illustrate it? Also, wouldn’t this appeal more to people who are on the high end of the upper middle class and have aspirations of joining the 1%? That’s more of my take on it. Buying something from tiffanys is more a way to show your class status and aspirations to a new class status, to show you have certain tastes.


Stores for “Stuff Nobody Needs”, by socioeconomic class:

Thrift shop, flea market, garage sale
Spencer’s Gifts
Sharper Image
hammacher schlemmer, Nieman-Marcus, Tiffany’s


Well, I forgot SkyMall.


I think many people buy actual necessities at thrift stores, to be fair. if you’re working class and can’t afford a trip to Rooms to Go, then Goodwill might have a decent couch or bedroom set that you can get for a really low price.


I’m fresh out of outrage, sorry.


Personally i think this sucker is going to be hell to polish once it has tarnished.
Doesn’t say anywhere how much silver is in the yarn ball. i’m guessing it is hollow.

twisted sterling wire is $11 for 2 feet of 16 guage on amazon.

One could make a ball much cheaper out of nickle silver wire, if they just liked the look. Or out of gold or platinum wire if they are super wealthy, and want to make the silver yarn ball people look like poors…lol.


The real winner is the lego at $1500.00 for 10 bricks…

That is only slightly more than the plastic stuff!


Tell that to Andy Warhol and others in the Pop Art movement. I think you are just suppose to look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT!

These Oldenburg’s are a local fave.


Struck me the same way. I saw this and immediately thought “that’s a silver sculpture of a yarn ball (and several other common items). Neat.”

I just can’t see this as some sort of class warfare thing, just expensive art. Sure, only the rich can afford decorative items like this, but it’s not some kind of “our yarn is made of silver” insult to the poor.