A Book of Surrealist Games


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Pin the tail on my ennui.


I ordered this. Received two fish and half a pint of custard.


While a bit dated…

How can it become dated? Surrealism has been around more than a century and it never goes out of style. Are the locusts and altimeters in the book old-fashioned ones?


I hope I get the converse!



Who, us jokers?


I don’t really have a clue how the whole thing works, or whether you can access it, but the Open Library curated by the Internet Archive has a heavily DRM fortified copy that can be easily “checked out” and viewed in one’s browser. Who knows.


For those interested but to lazy to go to the Amazon “Look Inside” I did a “screenshot > ocr > manual correct” number for you:

For a minimum of three players The players sit around a table and each writes on a sheet of paper a definite or indefinite article and an adjective, making sure their neighbours cannot see them. The sheets are folded so as to conceal the words, and passed round to the next player. Each player then writes a noun conceals it and the process is repeated with a verb, another definite or indefinite article and adjective, and finally another noun. The paper is unfolded and the sentences read out. Players may agree small changes to ensure grammatical consistency. This is the simplest version of tbe game, more complicated sentence structures can be agreed beforehand The game acquired its name from the first sentence obtained in this way:

The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.

Further examples:

  • The wounded women disturb the guillotine with blond hair.
  • Caraco is a lovely bitch, lazy as a dormouse and gloved in glass so as not to have to do a thing, she strings pearls to pay the piper.
  • The avenged topaz shall devour with kisses the paralytic of Rome.
  • The flame-coloured breast surpasses by one step, one finger, one mouthful, the melodious breasts.
  • The endless sex sleeps with the orthodox tongue.

Seems relatively boring to me to be honest :grimacing:




What about the inverse?




Shouldn’t it be upside-down or inside-out or something? :smile:


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