A gallery of impossible board games



I want them!

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Is that red one “written” in the Voynich Manuscript lettering? It gives me an uncomfortable sort of deja vu. Like I’ve played it before in a bad dream.


Supply your own handgun for that game. Winner shoots the loser. Increase intensity, indeed!

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I can visualize the Big Bang guys playing “Atom Smasher.”

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Nice designs. Loved the mysterious package too.

I love how there doesn’t appear to be any way to win Atom Smasher, and the only ending appears to be if someone lands on “black hole.” I want to play all of these games. Well, maybe not the one with the gun at the center.

Hahaha I just noticed that the number of dice required in Atom Smasher doubles with each level, so by the time you reach the peak intensity you need to be rolling 2048 dice.

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I love this!

It reminds me of “Gringo” — the impossible board game that the great Ernie Kovacs invented for Mad Magazine many many many many years ago.

Naturally, it’s online, at erniekovacs.blogspot.com. Here’s the two-page spread from the magazine:

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