Tabletop and board games - general chit chat


new topic as the other chit chat thread is for video games mostly.

what’s your favorite?
is there a new one out that you really enjoy?



/runs away



M_M No-Mates.[/spoiler]


I really prefer the not overly involved and complicated … especially since any potential players generally aren’t into deep game theory.

Catan, TtR, and Carcassonne are my typical three



There are some games out there that do well for solitary play but when it comes down to that I am gonna go with oh look a computer…


I have only play Catan once and Carcassonnne finally somewhat recently it was quite interesting and really interesting for a tile laying game.
Ticket to Ride is a favorite of the boy and we actually have a copy of it.


It’s great on the ipad. So it still counts as a board game, right?


I will say I partially started this as I am happy that Blood Bowl is seeing some love again from GW.
The basic rules from the previous edition have not changed much. From the reviews it appears they are using the rules that have evolved via the player base over the years with little or no changes.

This is probably their best game hands down. If I had to choose between this and 40k, I would pick Blood Bowl in a heartbeat. While there is luck the planning is in managing the luck as the penalty for failing an action is your turn is over. You have to plan out what you can do without dice first, what has the best chances, what are your critical options to take what can you do and not worry about the turn ending. If you are playing properly you also only have two and half minutes to get it all done.

When playing a in a league your players gain fame (experience) and will eventually get skills which allow for extra chances at a successful die roll or better odds at the die roll, or even negating the other players skills.

Even though I have everything I need to play and then some, the new game components are just light years ahead in quality and if I was gainfully employed I would have picked up a copy last Friday when it was released.

ETA: The current PC game uses the same rules set if anyone out there is of that mind. The AI at least for the previous version was lacking. I have yet to try it on easy mode which is supposedly harder as then the AI actually plays less conservative and is harder to predict. I can’t say much for Blood Bowl II’s AI as I only have played the first version of it.


Over the holiday, my daughter and I played both exploding kittens and Adventure Time Munchkin with my mom. She managed to win both!


Munchkin of any theme is always good for goofy fun and highly portable.


Yep. Munchkin is tons of fun. My poor mom had no clue what was happening, but I think she enjoyed playing with us and somehow winning!


I mostly play tabletop role-playing games, having a group that meets four times a month for between 3 and 4 hours a meeting.

I play Go (very very badly as I’m untrained).

I’m a fan of Zendo but I haven’t played it in forever.


I just got my copy of Pyramid Arcade a few weeks ago. Eventually I’ll be able to get some of the games to the table. My 4yo son loves just randomly messing with them though (what the box describes as “Game Zero”).


Once I played the regular Milton Bradley version of HeroQuest I figured out that for RPG/Dungeoncrawls this was what I like playing for that kind of game.

Besides what I mentioned earlier I have been waffling on Descent which is a standard fantasy setting or Shadows of Brimstone which is a weird west setting and I love weird west.


I want to use Junior as an excuse to try board games. Getting Catan and Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers this Christmas, sort of for him.


How old is he now? I got a ton of Pokemon cards sitting around unused.


He’s not quite 4, so I’m probably quite a bit previous.


4 is still a bit young for it but I seen kids at 5 and 6 years old playing properly. Not well but they know the cards and the rules.
I kinda miss going to Card Kingdom for Pokemon on Sunday afternoons but it is a money suck and the kid lost interest so on to other games.


Is Illuminati still a thing? That was top fun back in the day.


I like Fluxx for goofy fun, but preferably the older versions. Any of the Looney Labs games are fun though.

For regular tabletop gaming, I’ll go with Carcassonne/Ticket To Ride/Settlers Of Catan as mentioned above. I introduced my parents to TtR over the holiday, and I think my dad really took to it.

I never learned go. I can play badly, but never cared to try and figure it out. I can play chess well for someone who doesn’t play. I couldn’t figure out Scrabble until one day I did, and I totally got it. At one time I was rated at reversi.