Then & Now #13: Monopoly "Get Out of Jail Free" card


That jail cell done been goatse’d.


But… but… it’s such a great minimalist design!


What’s more amazing is that your daughter is playing Monopoly in 2014!


Quite possibly they didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that only old rich white men get out of jail free. :slight_smile:

That and no one wears the stripes anymore do they, I though it was hunter orange all the way these days.

But I agree, the old card was worlds better.


Came here to say this. I am sure that is the reason they changed it.


That is one of the least offensive things they have done to this game over the ages. I seethe every time this version is advertised during my daughter’s cartoons: Brands instead of properties, and some of the tokens are a Cola bottle, an X-Box controller, and Macdonalds fries.

Or this one that you can play with the accompaniment of you iPad?

They had another one recently where they did away with paper money and everyone had a credit card. Clearly Hasbro doesn’t have toy designers anymore, they just have some lame brained marketing team trying to keep their properties fresh, or whatever their idea of that is.

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Fascinating. And sick. Maybe they will have a Jamie Dimon JP Morgan edition. “Never go to Jail card” of course you have to pay some fines, but only a small part of your winnings. In the new game everyone gets to be the banker. It comes with a inkjet printer where you can print out new money when you need it.


To be fair, young rich white men are also known to get out of jail free.


The old design always seemed to me that whatever powers that be smiled upon you and let you out, as they say, free.

The new design looks like you broke out of jail (bent bars), and so has a completely different meaning.


You could just consider this another aspect of the game. I mean isn’t the WHOLE POINT of monopolies that the big companies can do whatever the heck they like and you the lowly consumer just have to take it. #amiright

That’s Rich Uncle Pennybags! He’s not an “old white man,” he’s the Monopoly guy. For Shame. (Part shame for losing RUP, part for the lousy design.)


It’s the Criterion version of the get out of jail card.


They’ve also changed “sold” to “traded”, which might be a big deal or maybe not. Any bankers wanna trade some get-out-of-jail backed derivatives for an percentage of the take on Free Parking?


My son likes the U-Build version, where the board is replaced with hexagonal pieces, and the players build up the city in 3D (sort of). I haven’t played it, yet, but I thought it was cool. I will say that whenever I finished a game of Monopoly, I would get out a pen and paper and map out a city with the properties (i.e., streets) that I owned, so the U-Build seems pretty cool.

I’m not sure how much Rich Uncle Pennybags is getting smiled upon. He’s literally getting kicked in the ass.

It does looks like that iconic photo. At first I saw a vulva ^^


Quite possibly~!

Or perhaps the rich white guys lobby called, you know the ones (all of them) & asked it be changed to eliminate the unfair & demeaning portrayal that suggests they could even go to jail in the first place.

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I think we’re all missing the really important issue here, which is that Monopoly is a Godawful game, seriously, who actually plays Monopoly? All those tie-in editions exist because fanboys proudly displaying merchandise are the only remaining audience.

Also, “abomination”? I get in internet fights about Transformers, and even I think you need to grab some freakin’ perspective.


A few places do use the striped jumpsuits, but more have orange or some other not-likely-to-be-mistaken-for-civilian-clothes color or style, and you can’t really do an orange jumpsuit on an orange card. (Although I think that the 1930s-style art and iconography are part of Monopoly’s charm.)

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